Copper Valley Fish Collective 2019 Salmon Hub Sign-Up
Thanks for your interest in starting a Copper Valley Fish Collective (CVFC) Salmon Hub. We partner with CSA and educational farms, community organizations, or individuals who are interested in bringing affordable wild Alaskan salmon to their communities. By working with our hubs to consolidate salmon share orders, we can keep our shipping costs low and pass on those savings to you!

As a host of a CVFC Salmon Hub, you receive 5 lbs of free wild salmon in exchange for rounding up a minimum group order of 100 lbs, picking up the pre-packed shares from the airport, and setting a pick up time for folks to collect their shares.

Here's how it works!

1) Add your information to the form below.

2) Once we confirm your info, your Salmon Hub will appear on our Salmon Hub page and on our online order form so that people in your community can add their salmon share orders to your hub.

3) We'll send you an email that you can edit and forward on to your friends and colleagues that explains how to order salmon shares as part of your hub.

4) We'll work with you to plan a shipping date in August or September. We'll pack up the salmon shares individually and ship them together in cooler boxes to your local airport.

5) Your 5 lbs of salmon on us will be added to your order and included in the group shipment. We'll include all the information you need in the box so that distribution will be easy peasy.

6) Divvy up the catch! Let your friends know when and where they can pick up their shares!

7) Enjoy the sweet taste of Alaskan summer all year long...

To find out more about CVFC and our fish, go to
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