Tactile Arts and Graphics Community Survey

We would like to invite you to help us create a community resource and map of all tactile media (graphics, illustrations, and maps) designers, artists, producers, educators, and scholars. This will become a resource for you and other members of the the Tactile Art and Graphics community to learn where other people engage in tactile media practices, and a little bit about their work. Our hope is that this resources will also open up new collaborations and professional opportunities. The survey consists of 16 questions regarding your: 1) Role in Tactile Media Use/ Design/ Production
2) Educational Background, 3) Tactile Media Preferences, and 5) Professional Practice. Please share this survey with other practitioners and contact Abigale Stangl with any questions. abigale.stangl [at] colorado.edu. Thank you for your time.
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1) Level of vision: *
2) Place of employment and position: *
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3) What roles do you perform? (ex. Student, Teacher, Artist, Access Technology Specialist, Manufacturer, Designer, Librarian, Researcher, Museum Specialist, Disability Services Specialist, Etc. )
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4) What is your level of expertise in the following areas of practice? *
1 - Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
2 - Novice (limited experience)
3 - Intermediate (practical application)
4 - Advanced (applied theory)
5 - Expert (recognized authority)
Childhood Education (K-12)
Graphic Design (General)
Access Media Design (Specialized)
Fine Arts (General)
Architectural Design
Engineering (Materials, Mechanical, Civil)
Information/ Computer Science
Accessible Museum Materials
Disability Studies
Adult Literacy
Tactile Reading
If you indicated "Other" above, please tell us more about your practice.
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5) How would you describe your professional or personal practice to a person new to the field? *
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6) Please describe your educational background. *
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7) How and why did you become involved in tactile media design/production, tactile art, tactile literacy, and/or special education, and/or research? *
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8) As a tactile media USER, please list what types of tactile media and materials production methods do you prefer to read/experience? *
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9) As an DESIGNER/PRODUCER/ARTIST: 1) which type of type of tactile media do create (i.e. graphics, maps, illustrations, art); 2) Which production methods do you use (i.e. handcraft, swell, etc.); and 3) What information/content do you focus on? *
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10) What are the greatest challenge you face while engaging in tactile media design/production/teaching and/or research? *
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11) In your opinion, what is the primary advancement our community should be focused on? *
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12) Name three people who have most influenced your practice, and describe how they influenced you. *
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13) Please specify where you find resources or information about tactile media production, and provide links to your sources. *
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14) What design and production resources do you utilize? [i.e. The Braille Authority of North America Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, APH Tactile Graphic Image Library, etc.] *
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15) Is there anything else that you would like to share about your background, practice, experiences with tactile media design/production, consumption, education or research? *
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16) What would make the Tactile Media Alliance Website a useful resource for you?
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17) May we share the information you provided on a public facing website created to support collaboration between community members? *
Place of Employment
Role in Tactile Media Use/ Design/ Production
Educational Background
Tactile Media Preferences
Professional Practice
Thank you very much for taking this survey and the work you do!
Please share this survey with anybody who is involved in the practice of using, teaching with, researching, and/or creating/designing/producing tactile media using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/eelIKGLIWk7rJupp1

Please contact Abigale Stangl with any questions. tactilemediaalliance@gmail.com

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