Core Values Audit
Directions: Using the scale below, click the number that best expresses to what extent the following values are important to your church (actual values). Work your way through the list quickly, going with your first impression.
Church Ministry Core Values Audit *
1 = Not Important 4 = Most Important
Family: The relationship between husbands and wives and their children.
Biblical instruction: A familiarity with and desire to know the truths of Scripture.
World missions: Spreading the gospel of Christ around the globe
Encouragement: Giving hope to people who at times need some hope.
Giving: Providing a portion of one's finances to support the ministry.
Leadership: A person's ability to influence others to pursue God's mission for the church.
Cultural relevance: Communicating truth in a way that people who aren't like us understand.
Prayer: Communicating with God.
Excellence: Maintaining the highest ministry standards, which brings glory to God.
Evangelism: Telling others the good news about Christ.
Team ministry: A group of people ministering together.
Creativity: Coming up with new ideas and ways of doing ministry.
Worship: Attributing worth to God.
Cooperation: The act of working together in service of the Savior.
Ministry/service: Christians actively involved and serving in the ministries of the church (a mobilized congregation).
Obedience: A willingness to do what God or others ask a person.
Innovation: Making changes that promote the ministry as it serves Christ.
Fellowship: Spending time with other Christians, encouraging, confronting, caring about them.
Community: The desire to reach out to people who live within driving distance of the church (your Jerusalem).
Other values:
Age group *
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