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This form is used to register your charity or school with Community Fruit Harvesting in Auckland only.
Community Fruit Harvesting picks & preserves unwanted fruit and shares it with those who need it through charitable organisations and food banks. Because we rely on generous offers of fruit and volunteers to pick it when ripe, we cannot guarantee a regular supply, nor can we commit to delivering it to you. We are happy to deliver when we can and need a contact name, number and address. If your charity can collect from us, then that is better.

The type of fruit that grows most around Auckland is citrus: grapefruit, lemons and limes and so these are not always suitable for people to eat. We do not have a big supply of other types of fruit. As this is backyard fruit, it may not be spotless and perfect looking as in the supermarkets, but we will not pass on diseased nor rotten fruit.

Please be aware that our preserves are made in volunteer’s kitchens, not in commercial, certified kitchens. As we give these away, we are not subject to any food safety laws, but all preservers are obliged to follow best practices.
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