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This form is for anyone curious about my services, asking for a quote, or intending to order a service from me. The email address below is where I will contact you for any next steps. Expect a reply from ybyboards@gmail.com.
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Normal lubing price is $0.30 per switch and can add mods. Standalone modding is is $0.12 per switch to be modded. If you are modding, it is +$0.08 per extra switch I have to disassemble or +$0.04 per spring replacement if the springs are all in a bag together. Stem or housing swaps would be be no additional cost if the parts are already disassembled and sorted.
What payment method would you plan on using?
I prefer LTC over BTC if either works for you.
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Find prices for extra services on the USPS website
Add any other details including an explanation of your project, product links, or anything else relevant. If you would like to send files related to laser cutting, let me know so I can email to ask for them. DO NOT give me your mailing address in this form. *
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