TRUTH AS A PUBLIC GOOD: Ruskin Scholar Amy Woodson-Boulton in Conversation with Rawls Scholar Sharon Lloyd
In the first Coffeehouse Conversation on Practical Ethics of the Fall Semester we ask what the writings of John Ruskin have to offer us in this age of suspicion, partisanship, doubts about even the possibility of civic public debate, and fears of “fake news” across the political spectrum? Writing at the height of Liberalism and laissez-faire political economics, Ruskin worked for a society that would consider human well-being first, ahead of simple measures of wealth or productivity. We will consider why “truth” was such a crucial aspect of Ruskin’s critique of his own society (and by extension, of ours).

Co-sponsored by the Ruskin Art Club

Sept. 14 | 12:30PM | THH 309K
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