Skater Bursary Application
Up to two awards may be presented annually to Grade 12 students proceeding to further, full-time education in a post secondary institution. The BCSSA reserves the right to decline the Award in any given year. The decision of the BCSSA Awards Committee is final.


1. The applicant must be a Grade 12 senior proceeding to full time studies at a post secondary institution.
2. The applicant must have been a competitive member of the speed skating club for at least four (4) high school years.

1. The applicant must submit the following online application form .
2. The applicant must submit a transcript of marks from Grade 11 and first term marks from Grade 12 to the BCSSA Awards Committee via email (, PDF format preferred.
3. Two testimonial letters of reference regarding your success as a role model, your leadership and your communication skills must be submitted to the BCSSA Awards Committee via email ( One may be from your speed skating club but the other must be from a non-speed skating contact (e.g. teacher/professor, community leader, coach from another sport etc.). Submit only two. Do not submit resumes. PDF format preferred.

The online application form and all supporting documents must be received by May 1 of the applicable year.

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Phone Number
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High School Name
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High School Address
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High School Contact Name
Enter the name of the graduation counsellor or advisor
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High School Phone Number
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Date of Graduation
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Participation as an Athlete: National Level
List competitions and results of the previous two years at the National Level.
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Participation as an Athlete: Provincial/Regional Level
List competitions and results of the previous two years at the Provincial/Regional Level.
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Scholastic Achievements: Current Education
Outline the education pursued during the past year including the courses taken and the success in those courses.
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Scholastic Achievements: Future Plans
What are your plans for the next scholastic year?
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Scholastic Achievements: Educational Goals
What are your educational goals?
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Leadership and Communication Skills
Describe the activities that you performed during this past year that demonstrate the elements of leadership. Give examples of leadership where possible.
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Additional Information
Please provide additional information if you have contributed to speed skating in ways not covered in the other parts of this application.
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I am aware that supporting documents need to be submitted to the BCSSA Awards Committee via email to complete my application. PDF format is preferred for all emailed documents. *
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