Teaching for Diversity - Aboriginal Education
Choose the number (on a scale of 1 to 5 - 1 being 'disagree) that best describes your responses to the statements below. This survey is confidential and anonymous.
I have high expectations of all students.
My classroom curriculum reflects the experiences, cultures and perspectives of cultural and ethnic groups, including local Aboriginal groups.
Classroom materials and resources reflect the cultural diversity and specifically the Aboriginal cultures represented in my classroom
Classroom displays reflect cultural diversity including Aboriginal cultures.
Student reading materials available in the classroom and our school library reflect Aboriginal culture and other cultures in my classroom.
The teaching styles I use address and support the learning styles of Aboriginal students in my classroom.
The assessment and testing procedures I use are culturally sensitive.
The classroom culture reflects a sense of community and respect for diversity.
Students show respect for other students' first language and dialect.
I have an effective plan for the involvement of Aboriginal parents/family in the classroom program.
I make an effort to research and learn about the Aboriginal cultural identities of my students.
I have adequate knowledge of other cultures, including Aboriginal cultures, to be able to work in a diverse setting.
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