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Please share your thoughts on the National Speech & Debate Association. Identities of respondents will be kept confidential, although as a candidate for the Board of Directors, Adam may reach out to you to seek further input.

If elected, Adam will seek your input, regularly, on decisions coming before the Board of Directors, in the interest of transparency and empowerment.
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As an organization, it is responsive to membership
Membership is worth its monetary value
Decision-making is transparent
Organization policies and rules emphasize educational objectives
Coaches' voices are heard in decision-making
NSDA effectively embraces diversity
NSDA treats speech and debate events equally
NSDA emphasizes its honor society
NSDA collaborates well with my state/local association(s)
All schools and coaches are empowered regardless of success
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What do you value most about NSDA membership?
What concerns do you have with the NSDA?
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