ARANA PRE-Inventory Questions
We would like to hear from you about how the area is operating before we get to our area's inventory event on October 14th. Please go through these questions with your groups and provide any answers you can so that we can put together an inventory that reflects the thoughts, concerns, and values of the area we serve. Thank you.

All submissions are anonymous.

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Are you bringing a potluck item with you to the Inventory on October 14th at 12pm (1565 Western Ave, Albany NY)? If so, what are you bringing? You can also call or text Scott L at 413-841-8306 if you want potluck guidance.
Does the atmosphere at area invite unity? What can we do to improve our practice of the First Tradition?
How well has the area committee done this year at serving the groups, and how can it better serve them in the coming year?
Do you think the ASC meeting is run efficiently? If not, how could we change it?
What information do you want to receive from the subcommittees of our area?
How well does the area fulfill the following responsibilities?
Attracts addicts to meetings.
Provides material for use in meetings.
Conduct activities designed to strengthen meetings.
Perform the administrative functions necessary to do these things.
What else do you believe should be covered in our area's inventory? Please include any issues you have with how we currently operate and any potential solutions you can think of. Thank you.
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