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How many kid(s) is/are interested in our course? 多少個小朋友想報讀我們的課程 *
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Students' Information 學生資料
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What grade is your kids in? (e.g. Primary 1, Year 1) 你的孩子讀幾年級? *
Any experience with coding or robotics? (e.g. Scratch, LEGO Programming, etc) *
Please tell us if your kids have any SEN needs, so that we can arrange a suitable class. (We won't disclose to other parties, except the teacher in charge) 孩子有沒有特別需要? *
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How did you hear about Blueinno Courses? 如何得知Blueinno 課程? *
Anything you would like to share with us? 有沒有其他問題? *
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