UC Merced's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week 2016
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Under each date, please select any and all event sessions you might be interested in attending during Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.
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Tuesday, October 4th - Presentations by Local Businesses and Startups, Panel Discussion, Keynote Presentation, Networking Event [Alpine Room in Tenaya] *
Wednesday, October 5th - Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Campus, Startup Training [Alpine Room in Tenaya] *
Thursday, October 6th - CITRIS Mobile App Challenge [KL 355] *
PITCHFEST - October 7th (12:00 - 5:00PM) - COB2 130
If you are interested in attending Pitchfest on October 7th (12:00 - 5:00PM), please select your participation type and events you would like to attend. All competitions are open to all students.
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PITCHFEST Participant Guidelines
Pitches are a max of three minutes with no visual aids (just a short pitch and a great business concept).
The Ruiz Prize in Entrepreneurial Communication (3-Minute, Solo Presentation)
$500 prize funded by Prof. Fanis Tsoulouhas and by the Office of the Dean, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA). This prize goes to the best individual pitch for a great business concept.
CITRIS Prize in "Tech for a Social Good" (3-Minute, Team Presentation)
$500 CITRIS funds provided by Prof. Josh Viers

This is a team competition, open to all. We seek (pitch) ideas that promote social good through technologies that support healthy, sustainable, prosperous, and equitable livelihoods within underserved communities in the United States and abroad.

Proposed projects that use online tools, including social media, mapping interfaces, and websites to enhance public engagement in cultural, political, social, and economic issues are encouraged, as well as innovative business, marketing and development applications.

Pitches should focus on innovative technological solutions, product or system designs that demonstrate effectiveness in promoting social good and have the potential for scale‐up.

Projects devoted to developing new solutions, technologies and/or advancing fundamental knowledge essential to sustainable practices are encouraged.

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