Researcher Survey
This is an inquiry survey for researchers who recruit participants for research studies.

This survey is NOT affiliated with Emory University. This survey is intended for market research for the development of a platform that aims at optimizing the participant recruitment process of research.

The information you provide to us is strictly confidential and will not be distributed under any circumstances. This survey is completely anonymous and you are not required to submit any personal or contact information.

You should not feel obligated to fill out this survey. You can skip any questions that you do not wish to answer.

Researcher Contact Information
If you have any questions concerning your participation in this survey, please contact the point leads for this survey questionnaire

Andrew Garcia, M.P.H, at (347) 612-3079
Yohan Jhaveri, Computer Science and Mathematics(BS) and Economics(BA) at

A response to any of the questions is greatly appreciated and will be extremely beneficial in giving us a researcher’s perspective so that we can focus on improving what is most important to you. This feedback is essential to improving our services and will therefore bring us closer to building the most efficient and user-friendly participant recruitment method.

Thank you for your time!

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