Ready to level up your Comic Con experience? Join our team of volunteers and unlock a world of excitement, exclusive access and unforgettable moments. Become part of the action, make lifelong connections and create memories that will make your inner geek jump for joy! Don’t just attend the show, make it an adventure you’ll never forget-volunteer with us today and fill out the Volunteer Application link below!


-Behind the scenes access
-Show swag and merchandise
-Access to the show and attractions after shift
-Autographs from some select celebrity guests on your VOLUNTEER Badge 


Must be 18 years or older
Must be able to lift 50lbs
Must be able to work min. of 4hrs


MOVE-IN: Responsibilities would include helping get all the equipment to the rooms they belong to and set up an exhibitor room.

TEAR DOWN: Responsibilities would include picking up any equipment from the show and loading it back into the truck.

REGISTRATION: Responsibilities would include prepping VIP perks, Lanyarding Badges, and processing credit card transactions for tickets and/or merchandise.

LINE CONTROL: Your responsibilities would include designating attendees to follow the line flow and making sure VIP holders are in the correct line.

SHOW FLOOR: Your responsibilities would include making sure traffic runs smoothly as well as answer questions attendees may have. As well as making sure vendors are ok and have anything they need.

INFO BOOTH: Your responsibilities would include providing attendees' basic information.

GUESTS RELATIONS: Your responsibilities would include assisting with voice actors with sales at the booth, assisting with cash and credit card transactions.

FLOATER: Responsibilities would include floating from department to department where assistance is needed.

PROGRAMMING: Responsibilities include ensuring the event schedule of all panels and activities are met. Assisting the programming director with needs for the show.

**Please note not everyone will get the position they signed up for.  The list outlines what you could possibly be doing. Please dress comfortably and show respect to yourself and others while on shift. Remember, volunteering is a fun way to experience the show from a different perspective! 
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Here we will ask a couple questions relating to your prior experience and availability. If you have never volunteered at a show before thats ok! Everyone has to start somewhere and this is great place!
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Please read the terms, agreements and polices below before agreeing.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer
By applying to volunteer for ConLive’s show I understand and affirm the following:
Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer.
I will be 18 years of age or older on or before the beginning of the show.
I have read and will abide by the following Volunteer Agreement.
I understand that volunteering for ConLive’s show I may require standing for long hours and possibly lifting up to 25 pounds unassisted.
ConLive’s is committed to keeping any and all personal information collected of all volunteers confidential, secure, and private. THEREFORE, this privacy policy agreement shall apply to ConLive’s, and thus it shall govern any and all personal data collection and usage thereof. Through the use of, you are herein consenting to the following data procedures expressed within this agreement.
Voluntarily provided the information which may include your name, address, email address, home address, photos, etc., shall be collected with your application, at orientation and training, and/or at the start of the convention at volunteer check-in.
ConLive’s will only collect and make use of personal information to assist in the operation of the event and to deter and prevent fraudulent volunteer registrations. ConLive’s reserves the right to email newsletters and updates regarding ConLive’s events and volunteer programs that may contain third party promotion(s). ConLive’s does not now, nor will it in the future, sell, rent or lease any of our volunteer lists and/or names to any third parties. ConLive’s may disclose your personal information, without prior notice to you, only if required to do so in accordance with applicable laws and/or in good faith belief that such action is deemed necessary or is required in an effort to: (1) Remain in conformance (2) Maintain, safeguard and/or preserve all the rights and/or property of ConLive’s; (3) Perform under demanding conditions in an effort to safeguard the personal safety of users of and/or the general public.
Our Facebook volunteer page does not and will not contain personal information; however, ConLive’s does not claim nor accept responsibility for any privacy policies, practices and/or procedures of Facebook.
Volunteers are expected to abide by all of the policies set forth in the volunteer handbook. Failure to comply with the policies/procedures can be grounds for dismissal from your volunteer position. Make yourself familiar with the volunteer policies and procedures.
By clicking agree below, I acknowledge that I am exercising my own free choice to participate voluntarily and promise to take due care during such participation, hereby release and discharge, indemnify and hold harmless ConLive’s and its members, officers, agents, employees, and any other persons or entities acting on its behalf against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action whatsoever, whether presently known or unknown, either in law or in equity, relating to injury, disability, death or other harm, to person or property or both, which may occur from known or unknown causes arising from my participation with ConLive’s and it’s events. I understand, accept, and assume all such hazards and risks, and waive all claims against ConLive’s, and other persons as set forth above. I understand that I am solely responsible for any costs arising out of any bodily injury or property damage sustained through my participation in normal or unusual acts associated with ConLive’s and it’s events.
I hereby release indemnify, and hold harmless ConLive’s from all liability claims, demands and causes of action of whatever kind and nature, including any injury caused by negligence incurred in conjunction with the ConLive’s. In addition, ConLive’s has my permission to use any photographs or videos taken for publicity purposes.
By agreeing to the terms aforementioned on the Volunteer Application Form, you are hereby accepting the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Agreement above. You affirm that you understand you are applying for a volunteer position and, with the exception of your volunteer perks, you will not be compensated for your time ie: Monetary compensation, Hotel accommodations, cellular phone service. You also affirm all information you have provided to ConLive’s is accurate and current. ConLive’s may at time to time revise this Agreement.
Please conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, as a Kameha Con volunteer your actions are a direct representation of the convention volunteers not abiding by the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the convention. Help us to build a fun, easy-going family-friendly show by abiding by our codes of conduct.
Show respect to yourself and those around you
Respect the direction and decisions of the volunteer coordinator
Perform your duties to the best of your abilities
Volunteers are NOT allowed to be in celebrity guest hotel rooms
Always be courteous, friendly and cooperative
Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner
If you observe any of the following or told by an attendee please bring it to the attention to a staff member
 Any form of intimidation, threats, violence towards others (verbal, physical, or electronic)
Any form of harassment, including inappropriate or unwanted touching, unwanted sexual language or  gestures
Any form of hate speech
Any illegal activity or act
*If you are having any issues with attendees or having a hard time with your position or a certain responsibility please let the volunteer coordinator know*
I agree to the above Terms and Agreements *
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