2018-2019 BOOMSTICK - Tournament Registration
Please complete the following registration form page to be entered into one or more Boomstick Tournaments. Unless otherwise noted, all tournaments will operate under the following:

- Format is 6's
- Total cost per team entry is $180
- $30 is requested to confirm registration up-front with the balance to be paid the day of the tournament via cash, check, or Venmo to "@kevin-appnel".
- Each division has 10 spots reserved. Additional court space MAY be provided to divisions exceeding 10, but it is not guaranteed. **You will be notified via email if your team is on a stand-by list.**
- Cash prizes will be paid to top finishers in each division and will be based upon the amount of teams registered in each division (so more teams equals more money)!

Please email BoomstickVolleyball@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding tournaments, this registration form, or for any other general questions.

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PLEASE NOTE: The KRVA-Sanctioned Events require you to have a membership number from a USAV region (it does not have to be KRVA). Further instructions on this will be given after you submit your registration. This is an absolute requirement to play in these events...NO EXCEPTIONS! Players must also have a numbered jersey (they do NOT have to match)
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