2022-2023 Performance Company Audition Form
AGE IS AS OF 01/01/2023

Ages 7-9  Auditions April 9th 9:00-10:30. Cost: $25 (Live stream will be available for parents to view audition)
Ages 10-13 Auditions April 9th 11:00-12:30. Cost: $25 (Live stream will be available for parents to view audition)
Ages 14+ No formal auditions will be held. New members may be asked to attend a private evaluation to determine eligibility.
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Dancer's Name:
Dancer's age as of 1/1/23.
I have listed my summer 2023 absences in the 'Band' calendar. Instructions: 1. Go to the main screen of our group. 2. If on a phone, click the calendar image at the bottom middle of the screen. If on desktop click 'Events' at the top of the screen. 3. Click 'Add' at the top right corner. 4. Put your daughter's name and 'gone' as the title. 5. Change 'Default Calendar' to 'Summer Absences 2022'. 6. Put the start and end of their absence (be specific and include times when applicable!). 7. Make sure 'Share as post' is NOT selected!! 8. Press done :) *Dates added after the release of our casting may not be able to be worked around, and you may have to withdrawal from dances if so.
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How many competitions would you like to attend next year? Why?
List your two favorite conventions. (Does not have to be ones we went to this year.)
What is the minimum number of group dances you would like your daughter to be considered for?
What is the maximum number of group dances you would like your daughter to be considered for?
Would you like your daughter to be considered for a solo? If yes, please list desired style or choreographer, if any. (Please remember that solos are earned and rotated, not guaranteed. Just because you had one last year, does not mean you will be selected to perform a solo this coming year. We are limited on how many solos we can bring to certain competitions, and like to rotate who gets to have a solo)
What style of dance does your daughter desire to compete in the most?
Is there a style she would prefer to not compete in?
What have been two or three of your daughter's favorite dances from the past? Can be from competition or recital.
Do you have any budgets for competition season we need to be aware of?
Any other thoughts you would like to express regarding competition?
We have reviewed and discussed last years performance company contract and still understand the commitment to being a member of this team and the audition process. We are agreeing to any casting the directors see fit. Dancers are not cast into certain routines just because they desire to be. Casting is based on technique, performance ability, efficiency for instructors to work with, ages, heights, styles, attention span, work ethic, attitude, past attendance, and much more. Dancers in the company must be available during July and August for rehearsals, choreography, and technique classes. We also understand that no feedback or contact will be available from the directors regarding audition results/casting until 48 hours after results are posted. Results and casting will be shared individually via email by April 24th.
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