Application to officiate 2017 USMS Summer Nationals in Minneapolis
Assignments will be made at the discretion of the Meet Referee. All Officials will be required to attend briefings prior to the beginning of each session.
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Officials Shirt
Uniform will be white polo shirt over light tan khaki pants, shorts or skirts, white socks and predominately white athletic shoes.
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Request For Evaluation
N2 Evaluations must be done over 3 sessions in the position. Recertification evaluations must each be done over two sessions, however, the official must work at least 4 sessions at the meet for the recertification(s) to be valid. Only one position for an official may be evaluated in each session, although officials in a "rotation" may work in other positions in an evaluation session.
N2 Recertification
Deck Referee
Chief Judge
Stroke & Turn
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