Community Immersion Retreats at Hidden Paradise, March, 2020
Facilitated and Hosted by Jocelyn Ames, Donal Gannon, Christine Lutz and Jewels Toro.
Orgiva, Granada, Spain.

This registration form, which takes roughly five minutes to complete, supports the organisation of these retreats. Your care is much appreciated.

This is NOT a form for registering your interest. Please use ONLY if you are committed to attending.

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Financial Contribution

You can choose either the ‘Deep Immersion’ or the ‘Deep Retreat’:

 The ‘Deep Immersion’ includes around 2 hours of Karma Yoga per day, a bed in a 4 or 5 person dorm (singles or doubles), and we ask for between €300 - €600 per week

 The ‘Deep Retreat’ allows more free time, a bed in a twin or double room, and we ask for between €450 - €750 per week.

These prices cover:
   - All group activities and workshops
   - Accommodation and living expenses, fuel etc.
   - 3 home-cooked meals each day and refreshments in between
   - Use of sauna, hot tub, swimming pools, and ‘the Sanctuary’ for massages and treatments

We recognise that what is affordable for some can be a financial stretch for others and we want to make these programs available to everyone who would benefit from them, regardless of income. We balance this with the need to support ourselves financially.  So the requested fees are on a sliding scale, within which, we request you to contribute as generously as you are able

To help you decide, here are some considerations:
(Prices below are for the ‘Deep Immersion’.   For the ‘Deep Retreat’, add €150  to each)  

€300   ‘Community Supported Price’
For those with low to moderate available expenditure
(e.g. if one or more of these: * unemployed * student * supporting a large family * living in Southern or Eastern Europe)

€450 ‘Sustainable Price’
For those with moderate to comfortable available expenditure
(e.g. if one or more of these: * part time job * minimum-waged * combination of above and below)

€600    ‘Community Supporter Price’
For those with comfortable to high available expenditure
(e.g. if one or more of these: * full time job * living in Northern or Western Europe * able to afford luxuries like eating out regularly or taking a foreign holiday each year)

If you can afford and choose to pay at the upper end of the scale (or above), it makes participation possible for people who otherwise would not be able to join these life changing retreats.

We do our best to practice what we preach in all aspects of this transformational work, thus these are requests and not demands and we are open to dialogue. So, If you can’t afford to pay within the scale, please contact us and we will try to work something out.

Limited number of places on each retreat, so a deposit of €100 is required to reserve yours.

Limited number of single rooms available for an extra €150 per week

Which type of Community Immersion Retreat would you like? *
Room preferences
There is limited availability of the different room types, eg single.  We will try to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee availability of any specific room type or room mate preference.
Which type of room would you like? *
If you want to share the room with a specific person, write her/his name
Meals *
We provide vegetarian breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Do you have any dietary requirements?
Once you have submitted this form, we will inform you how to make payment of the full amount OR deposit of €100. If you choose the latter, the remaining balance can be paid anytime up until the 2nd day of the retreat. (At which point, you would be requested to pay immediately).

Once you have paid, your registration will be confirmed.

We will e-mail you before the retreats you register for with details about venue, travel information, timings and other practical information you’ll need.
How much will you pay in total? *
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Refund and cancellation policy
We offer these retreats in order to support the growth of community and wellness in the world. It requires many hours of organisation and planning. We ensure we have sufficient funds to do this with the following policy:

Your fee will be refunded only if your place on the retreat is filled by someone on the waiting list or if you find someone to take your place. There will be no refund if your place on the retreat is not filled in this way.

You may wish to consider an insurance policy to cover the risk of illness. In the event of you cancelling, you could consider gifting your place to someone else - there are many people in our network who do not have the funds to attend such retreats.
Do you understand and abide by the refund and cancellation policy? *
Travel arrangements
Please do not make travel arrangements until you get a message from us.
The organisers are not responsible for travel changes, so please consider a travel insurance policy to cover your travel expenses.
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