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Since 2016, Massachusetts law has prohibited discrimination against transgender people in public places such as stores, restaurants, medical offices, parks, and restrooms.

Opponents placed a question on the November 2018 ballot to put this civil rights law to popular vote.
A YES vote keeps current law in place.  
A NO vote repeals the law.

All people should have basic civil rights, free from discrimination.

A 2014 survey found that 65% of transgender people suffered discrimination in public places in Massachusetts in one year alone. The current law helps deter discrimination and provides a legal means to remedy discrimination.

Discrimination is bad for business. Nondiscrimination laws and inclusive policies:
Help Massachusetts businesses attract and retain top talent.
Encourage new investment. (LGBTQ-unfriendly states have lost thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years.)
Help bolster the tourism industry. (LGBTQ-unfriendly states have lost hundreds of millions of tourism revenue in recent years.)

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Massachusetts Major City Chiefs, and numerous local law enforcement officials
About 40 sexual assault, domestic violence prevention, and women’s organizations in Massachusetts
Over 200 businesses and several major industry associations in Massachusetts
Over 500 faith leaders from every denomination and background in Massachusetts
Many mayors and public officials in Massachusetts
About 20 major universities and education associations in Massachusetts
Boston Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics and the New England Revolution
Over 100 nonprofit and advocacy organizations in Massachusetts

Opponents of civil rights have made several false claims. The truth is:
Current transgender nondiscrimination laws are well tested in MA, 18 other states, and over 200 cities. Over the past 10 years, law enforcement and public health officials have reported no increase in public safety incidents related to these laws.
Illegal behavior, including harassment and assault, is still illegal. The law does not permit men to invade women’s and girls’ spaces such as restrooms and locker rooms.


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