Oh hiya!

Thanks for getting involved with the FIFTH annual Wilderness Choir!

There will be 60 musicians accompanying you on stage, and hundreds of people singing in glorious eight-part harmony. Last year we hit 568 singers. This year we're aiming for a thousand!

Since 2015 we've moved through Queen, Bowie, Elton, Prince, and this year we're paying homage to the Queen of Soul by belting out Natural Woman.


You can be any level of ability. To be part of the Wilderness Choir you just have to:

1. Have a Wilderness festival ticket. Joining the choir doesn't get you in for free.
2. Commit to three events at the festival (two 1-hour rehearsals and a performance).
3. Be able to (kinda-sorta) hold a tune.

The three events you must be able to commit to are:

REHEARSAL ONE : The Bus, Friday 2nd : 11:00am
REHEARSAL TWO : TBC, Saturday 3rd : 11:00am
PERFORMANCE : The Atrium Stage, Sunday 4th : 12:30pm

We will be in touch with you directly with details of your song, and your Saturday rehearsal spot.

The big red bus is situated next to the cricket green in front of the Club House. It cannot be missed. The Atrium Stage is also in the same field and also cannot be missed. So don't miss it!

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We'll email you in July to remind you that you are in the best choir in the world, and to remind you where to be and when. So get singing and jot these times down in your festival diary...

Rehearsal One - Friday Aug 2, 11:00am
Please try to arrive at the bus by 10:45am, we have a lot of people to coordinate, and a lot of singing to do, we will start without you if you're late!

Rehearsal Two - Saturday Aug 3, 11:00am
Location TBC. This is when shit gets real.

Show Time! Sunday Aug 4, 12:30pm
The Atrium Stage. Bring it on...!


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