Pro Rivalry League Staff Application
Pro Rivalry League is always looking for excited and dedicated volunteers to help improve our organization! This application will be reviewed by the Management and Operations team of PRL. You have our undivided attention! Please note that some positions such as Moderators are brought on only as demand arises. Pro Rivalry League's Discord:
What is your Discord name? (Including a unique identifier, I.E. Name#1111)
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Which department(s) are you interested in applying for?
What relevant previous experience, if any, do you possess?
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Link to your portfolio, GitHub account, or casting demo reel. (Note: This is section is not optional for Graphics, Development, and Casting applicants)
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What is your weekly date and time availability? (PRL is very flexible on times and real life situations).
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Why have you chosen to apply for a position at PRL?
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