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Submit examples of production math applications before I even get this website up
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Topic *
The mathematical topic that is being applied. If you think I won't be familiar with it, please include a link to a canonical reference.
System *
The production system the application occurs in. If there's a canonical URL for it, include it. If it's an internal component of your company that you're comfortable sharing, add a link to your company's website (or a white paper/blog post if possible!), and include a short description of the system.
Evidence *
Provide some evidence that the system still uses the math topic. Personal vouches are OK, but objective evidence is better. If it was used but then turned down, include that.
Date of the evidence *
E.g., when the evidence was valid, such as a paper publication date, the date you last saw proof, the date it was deactivated, etc.
I am OK with Jeremy using this information in, and possibly profiting from the data in the future *
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