Social Media Marketing Research
My name is Maddy Cusack and I am collecting data from you which will be used in my dissertation for the University of Derby, as part of my third-year programme at the University.

The aim of my dissertation research is to determine the most successful strategies to use when implementing a social media strategy, for an independent running store in Derby and the data that you have provided will be used to help to provide insights to achieve this objective.

The data that you will provide will only be used for the dissertation, and will not be disclosed to any third party, except as part of the dissertation findings, or as part of the supervisory or assessment processes of the University of Derby.

The data you provide will be kept until 31 July 2018, so that it is available for scrutiny by the University of Derby as part of the assessment process.

If you later decide that you wish to withdraw from the study, please email me at within two weeks of partaking in the study with your participation number and I will be able to remove your response from my analysis and findings, and destroy your response.

I have read and understood the contents of this consent and briefing form and freely and voluntarily agree to participate in this research. *
Using the first three letters of your surname and last three numbers of your phone number your participation number is: (Please take a note of this) *
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