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ACADEMICS : Please rate your agreement with the following statements
My child is able to pursue his/her interests by way of elective courses.
My child learns to work cooperatively with others.
My child is given opportunities to demonstrate his or her learning in a variety of ways.
My child’s academic needs are satisfactorily addressed
The teachers do their best to help my child learn
My child has a positive opinion of himself/herself as a learner
My child feels safe in the classroom and secure enough to ask questions when he/she does not understand something.
Instruction is consistently of high quality
The ACS school environment helps my children learn
The level of difficulty of my child’s homework is appropriate for him/her
The amount of time my child spends on homework is reasonable.
I am informed regularly about my child’s progress by his/ her teachers
The teaching styles of my child's teachers match my child's learning style
The teacher(s)’ goals for my child are reasonable
If not, what can we do to improve?
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