Porter County CTE Enrollment Form     2023-2024
Enrollment form for all countywide CTE programs--Priority deadline is Feb. 3, 2023, for new applicants and Jan. 31, 2023, for potential second-year returning students.  You may continue to apply. If you change your mind after submitting an application, talk to your school counselor and email Dheitmann@valpo.k12.in.us or Tfilbert@valpo.k12.in.us with your revised request. Expect a CTE class to be an in-person class. Please use correct grammar and spelling. Capitalize your name, street name, city, state, and other proper nouns.  Check over your work.
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Your Student Test Number (STN )
Leave completely blank if you don't know it.  No worries. It is a number issued by the state for taking tests such as ISTEP.
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This is required by law, as we receive Federal Funding
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Example:  03/02/2004
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Home Address: Street *
The name of your street should be capitalized.  Your house number goes before the street name.  Example:  12 Washington Ave. For an apartment, put something like  510 Smith St  #107.  Another example: 100 S 500 E  Another example:  400 Canright Cir
City *
The name of a city is capitalized.  Example:  Valparaiso
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5 digits, please
Parent Home Phone or Parent Main Cell Number *
Use format:  999-999-9999 or 9999999999.
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Should be different from main home or cell number.  Should be from different household. Use format:  999-999-9999 or 9999999999
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