Ithaca Carshare Volunteer Questionnaire
Thank you for volunteering with Ithaca Carshare!

We want to understand how you might be able to help us out. Volunteers earn driving credits, usually $10/hour volunteered, or $10 per carwash or snow shoveling event.

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Which volunteer roles are you interested in? *
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Car Captains: How often would you be willing to clean a car?
A full wash reservation usually takes 1 - 1.5 hours
Car Captains: From which location(s) would you be willing to wash vehicles?
Carwashes are round trips starting at a car's home lot, up to East Hill Plaza carwash and back.
Snow Shovelers: At which location(s) would you be willing to do snow removal?
When we get winter storms of 3 inches or more, we need help digging out the fleet! This usually involves clearing off and shoveling out one or two cars near your home during or after a storm, so we can get the cars available for members as soon as the roads are cleared.
Do you have any other skills or interests that you want to lend to Ithaca Carshare?
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Are you interested in getting involved with other transportation programs?
Our mission is to increase access to transportation options while also reducing the negative environmental impacts of driving. We often collaborate with other local transportation organizations and programs. Think biking, walking, transit, ridesharing, etc.
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