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I understand that Awakened Innovations, LLC provides a matching service between organizations and service providers. Awakened Innovations does it's best to only match quality service providers; however, there is no relationship beyond referral partner between Awakened Innovations and the service provider. As such, we do not control the service provider and cannot guarantee satisfaction with any specific engagement. Awakened Innovations, LLC will, however, attempt to help resolve any disputes that may arise. *
I understand that every engagement with a service provider is unique. Even if a service provider is fantastic, some engagements do not go as expected for many reasons. Extenuating circumstances may arise. There may be a personality clash or other conflict between the parties. These are beyond the control of Awakened Innovations, LLC. *
I agree to keep Awakened Innovations informed of any deals that are created by this referral service. While the nonprofit organization does not pay a fee to Awakened Innovations for this service, the service provider does (that's how we stay in business!). Therefore, I/we will not seek or participate in any action that may remove Awakened Innovations from the transaction. *
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