FoCR Paddling / Cuyahoga St. / July 14
Cuyahoga St. to Bolanz Rd.

This section of the Cuyahoga shows mixed use: wooded parkland with intrusions from agriculture, recreation, and commercial and residential development. Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the RAP (Remedial Action Plan) area start here. Akron's Waste Water Treatment Plant discharges into the river just upstream of a large, active heron rookery. A lively current with some Class I chutes add interest, and in-stream downed trees (strain- ers) demand caution. Tributaries include the Little Cuyahoga, Sand Run, and Yellow Creek. This is an im- mensely interesting, contrasting section of the river. For paddlers who can control a boat in moving water.

10.1 miles, about 6.5 hrs

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