Forward Athletics Release & Waiver
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The renter/participant agrees to hold harmless Forward Athletics, LLC, including its employees, directors, officers, insurers, successors, assigns, members and volunteers officials and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, damages and/or causes of action during the term of this agreement, for any personal injury, loss of life, property and/or damage to property sustained in or about the said premises, and from and against all cost, expenses and liability incurred in and about any such claims the investigation thereof or the defense of any action process brought thereon, and from and against any orders and/or judgments that may be entered therein. The renter also agrees that by signing below they will pay for any damages incurred while using the facilities of Forward Athletics, LLC. Also, by signing below, this certifies that the rules for use have been read and understood. *
I acknowledge that I will be participating in or observing recreational activities and that these activities involve substantial inherent risks of serious personal injury, including disability or death, and/or property damage. These injuries may result from (but are not limited to) being struck by a bat, baseball, softball, golf ball, or golf club. *
I acknowledge that Section 895.525 of the Wisconsin Statutes, regarding participation in recreational activities, may apply to my participation in activities at the Forward Athletics, LLC premises. This statute is intended to decrease uncertainty regarding the legal responsibilities that result from participation in recreational activities and recognizes that participants accept the risks inherent in the recreational activity, thereby helping to assure the continued availability in Wisconsin of enterprises that offer recreational activities to the public. *
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