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We really appreciate you volunteering with us and will do the best we can to make your volunteer experience enjoyable and rewarding.

This Volunteer Agreement describes the arrangement between Sutton Community Farm and you.

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Volunteer agreement
Sutton Community Farm provides a practical, hands-on volunteering experience. The experience can be active and physically demanding.

Our Farm maintains a strong health and safety culture and aims to reduce risks to a minimum through risk assessments for our activities, careful planning and staff training.

As with any outdoor activity, there are residual risks and these are managed by staff at Sutton Community Farm on an ongoing basis. This statement is designed to ensure that participants understand the nature of the activities and associated risks.

Please read the Code of Responsible Behaviour for more information about the activities and how to be safe. We also have a Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment available.

This is available on our website:

Sutton Community Farm reserves the right to refuse the offer of services of any volunteer at any time, or to terminate any work being done by a volunteer and require the volunteer to vacate the project.

I confirm that I have read the statements above, and also read the Code of Responsible Behaviour. I understand the nature of the activities to be undertaken and consider that I am fit to take part. I do not suffer from any medical conditions not already disclosed. *
I will comply with all reasonable directions given by staff at Sutton Community Farm. *
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