Summoner Declaration (Kin-Fire)
This is the sign-up form for the eleventh Factions arc: Kin-Fire.


During the Harrowing of 26 CLE, the year of the Black Winter, the Shadow Isles captured one of Ornn's greatest creations: the Kin-Fire, a torch whose light guides worthy souls journeying through the afterlife back to the mortal realm. If returned to the Freljord, the Kin-Fire would bring these spirits back to strengthen the tribes. If retained by the Shadow Isles, these souls will leave the cycle of life and death and become undead.

Both sides seek Summoners to fight for their cause on and off the Fields of Justice. To whom shall you pledge your sorcery and cunning?

Who comes before this Council?
A Summoner of the League of Legends approaches. By what name are you known in these halls, and to whom do you pledge your allegiance?
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To whom will you pledge your sorcery and cunning? Choose wisely. Your oath shall bind until this dispute concludes—there shall be no backsies, Summoner.
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(All ranks are welcome, as are unranked Summoners. We use rank to weight the value of matches, for the sake of fairness. A bunch of high-ranked Summoners beating a bunch of low-ranked Summoners will be worth fewer points than an even match, whereas more points would be won and lost in an upset victory by lower-ranked Summoners.)
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