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Location *
Present or future location of the POOL: US state or Candadian province. Country, if not in North America
PF User ID *
Email address *
enter the email address you used to register at PoolForum; address will be visible ONLY to PoolDoc and the moderators.
PF thread#
If you've alread started a thread at PoolForum, enter the NUMBER of the thread. This will be the number after the "?" in the URL in Internet Explorer, FIrefox or Safari
Test kit
make, model & type of testing you use. (drops / strips / electronic -- please describe briefly)
Pool type *
AG = above-ground; IG = in-ground
Pool finish *
fiberglass includes fiberglass pools, and fiberglass walls; concrete includes gunite, plaster, Marcite, DiamondBrite, etc.
Winter cover *
What kind of cover do you use when the pool is closed (winter)?
Summer cover
What kind of cover do you use when pool is open?
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Pool length *
Maximum length of your pool -- this will be the diameter on round pools. Specify units: feet, feet-inches, meters. Step it off -- 3' to the step -- to estimate.
Pool width
Maximum width of your pool; skip for round pools.  Specify units: feet, feet-inches, meters
Shallow depth *
Depth in the shallow end of your pool,from bottom to pool edge -- average depth if sloped.  Specify units: feet, feet-inches, inches, meters
Deep depth
Depth in feet of your deep end -- if you have one. Distance from pool floor to lip of pool..  Specify units: feet, feet-inches, meters
Pool volume
Your pool's volume, as best you know. Specify units: gallons, liters.
Pool shape *
select the approximate shape of your pool, not considering steps
Year *
Year pool built or installed. Guess if you don't know exactly
Sanitizer *
Primary means of santizing pool: SWCG, trichlor feeder, copper product, ionizer, ozonator, skimmer tabs, hand fed granual, etc.
Water *
source of pool's fill water: city, well, trucked in, stream, etc.
Filter type
sand includes zeolite and alternative media; DE (diatomaceous earth) includes DE and DE alternatives
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Filter make / model
Make (manufacturer),  and model of your filter
Make (manufacturer), model, and HP of your pump
how many speeds does your pump have?
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Pump hrs
How many hours -- EACH DAY -- is your pump running? (If you enter more than 1 number, separate them  with a dash)
Additional equipment
Select all that apply. SWCG=Salt Water Chlorine Generator --  'mineral' = Nature2, Frog, ionizer, blue granula products, skimmer pills, or Floatron.
Add any additional information relevant to your pool, including water test results on your FILL water.                               But, do NOT ask quesitons here; ask those on the forum!!
Poolside networking
If you have a smart phone or network enabled tablet you can use at pool side, please indicate that here.
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