tn19 Participant Details
These questions are to help our planning and to make it easier for us to make your Raid safe and enjoyable. The questions are separated into the following sections:

Section 1 - All participants
Section 2 - People on privately owned boats (the privateer Raid boats and people on accompanying yachts )
Section 3 - People on boats owned and/or managed by the LBT
Section 4 - Volunteers

Everyone should complete Section 1 and at least one of the other sections. For example, Volunteers who have elected to spend some days in Camp Support and some days on the water in an LBT boat should complete Sections 1, 3 and 4.

NOTE: Pets will not be allowed on tawe nunnugah 2019 as we will be visiting national parks and sites where they are expressly forbidden.
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And nick-name if that's what you commonly use
Contact Email
Have you confirmed your place on the tn19 Raid and/or Return Raid by booking and paying?
The only way to confirm a place on the Raid is to book at our booking site (contact the Raid coordinator if you need the address for the booking site). If you have already advised us that you have cancelled please select the third option below (No - please cancel my booking) to confirm your withdrawal from the 2019 Raid - and there is no need to answer any more questions.
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Any health matters we should know about?
There will be an experienced accident and emergency doctor on tn19 and several trained first-aiders. Please include food allergies, insect sting/bite allergies, essential medication requiring refrigeration, equipment that requires recharging (e.g. CPAP) and anything else that is relevant to spending time in remote localities with limited support facilities.
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If you answered 'yes' to the question about health, please provide additional information here:
Unless you request otherwise, any medical matters you raise will be passed on to the tn19 fleet doctor.
Any special dietary requirements?
Most people on the Raids are omnivores but we normally expect and cater for a range of other diets including vegetarian, vegan, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, gluten intolerant and dairy intolerant. If any of these apply to you, let us know so the chef can plan ahead. Halal, kosher, pescetarian, pollotarian, or ovinaphobe diets may be possible but for these we will need to consult with the chef in advance before we can confirm. We will try to cater for all dietary requirements but please understand that cooking facilities on the Raid are limited.
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If you answered 'yes' to the question about diet, please indicate which apply to you:
Tick all that apply to you. If the tick boxes don't adequately explain your dietary requirements please add additional information in the space after 'Other'.
Can you offer anything to help with the logistics of the Raid?
Even if you have previously indicated you can lend us something, please use the space here to confirm that it will be available for the Raid and/or Return Raid. We particularly need 4WD vehicles with towing capacity, a 1000 litre water cube and generators, but we are open to other suggestions. Everything we borrow helps keep our costs down.
Do you have particular skills or experience to contribute?
For example, Medical Doctor, First-aid training, Search and Rescue coordination, Emergency Evacuation coordination. This information will be used primarily for Incident Response planning. Let us know if you wish this information to be shared only on a 'needs-to-know' basis.
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