Miller Drama: "Becoming Shakespeare" Ticket Reservation
Thank you for visiting our page! Miller's Drama program is proud to present a fun, short comedy about some young people in the time of Shakespeare who go away to "camp" to learn more about writing a play, but the arrogant kid named Shakespeare thinks that he doesn't need any help. Many silly characters overlap various plots including some mistaken identity that is sure to get a laugh. Here's more about the show.

Typically, guests donate $5 per ticket.

There is no recording or photography during the show. (Opportunities for photos will occur after the show). If you reserved tickets, you can pick them up under the name you provided at the ticket table on the day/night of the show. We look forward to seeing you!

NOTE: There are different casts.
Cast A 5/22 at 7:00pm. Tuesday
Cast B 5/23 at 7:00pm. Wednesday
Cast A 5/24 at 7:00pm. Thursday
Cast B 5/25 at 7:00pm. Friday

No more online reservations (too hard to monitor this late before closing night). BUT STILL PLENTY OF SEATS. JUST SHOW UP FOR BOTH THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. WE DEFINITELY HAVE ROOM.
Thank you!
Questions? Email the Drama teacher, Jason Oncay:

The show runs about 70 minutes including a 15-minute intermission. Another note: Live theater like this might not be the best setting for children under the age of six. They might be bored, and the plot might be confusing for them.

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