Volunteer Intake Form-Libertarian Party of Maryland
The information submitted on this form is used by the Libertarian Party of Maryland to assist in managing its volunteers. All volunteers are unpaid positions.

Upon signing up, you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator, via email.
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Please note: A google account will be necessary for using the volunteer website. If you have a gmail account or other email account tied to a google account, please use that.
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Please list any restrictions, such as absence of a vehicle, specific hours or days of the week you cannot work, disabilities we need to accommodate, etc.
Special Skills or Experience
Please list any special skills or experience you possess that would be of assistance to the volunteer efforts, such as prior campaign experience, technical skills, communication skills, etc.
Working Groups
Our volunteers are organized into working groups. Each working group has a director who helps manages their activities. You can be a member of more than one working group, but you are expected to help out in every group you join. Switching groups later is no problem, just let us know.

You do not have to decide which group you wish to work with right now, but if you indicate a preference using this form, the director of the working group will be sent a copy of your contact information so he or she can begin integrating you into the volunteer efforts.
Membership Working Group
This group helps to build the party's membership.
Fundraising Working Group
This group focuses on fundraising, including fundraising events, online efforts, and phone banking.
Social Media and Outreach Working Group
This group focuses on keeping our social media and website updated with content and doing outreach to the public and interest groups.
Data, Polling, and Research Working Group
This group focuses on gathering and maintaining data, conducting internal polling, and conducting research.
Social Events Working Group
This group focuses on planning and marketing social events around the state.
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