What is a livable wage in Colorado?
Depending on whom you ask, a livable wage in the Denver-metro area is anywhere between $17.40 an hour to $32.86 for one person. Add in a child and wages needed to survive could be nearly double. There are also a lot of caveats with the numbers -- amounts are based on pre-pandemic data is a big one. Economists say a living wage is the income needed to pay for life's essentials (housing, food, medical insurance, child care, internet, etc.) but that wage depends on where a person lives,  family size and year. What does it cost for you to live in Colorado? Share your livable wage for a story that will be featured in an upcoming What's Working column. Thanks!

Here's The Colorado Sun's "What's Working" column on livable wages in Colorado: https://coloradosun.com/2022/01/22/colorado-pandemic-economy-recovery-livable-wage/
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What is a livable wage for you? Please either share an hourly or annual amount.
How many people does this wage support? Please note the number of adults and children.
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How much is your monthly housing cost?
Do you make more or less than what you deem as a livable wage in your area? Please explain, and share any insight into what else needs to be considered when a community determines what is a livable wage and how much employers should pay workers.
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