The Haunted Mansion of Melville
Join the rest of the ghouls at one of Long Island's Scariest Haunted Houses and become part of the family. This will be our 22nd year in business and we have plans on being around lot longer than that. Auditions will be announced and are held at the haunt, go to for address. Send a photo of yourself to so we know who you are!!! All applications are held and viewed by management only! YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO APPLY!
This pre-application is used to give us an idea of how many people we might have interested in working for only the Fall 2017 season. If you are hired into a paid position, we will have you fill out an actual application as well as a W-4. Volunteers will just need to fill out an application and may elect to fill out a W-4 in case a paid position does open up. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO APPLY!
The Haunted Mansion of Melville at Schmitt's farm.
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We are open 18 nights for the season, we need 15 nights(mandatory) in order for you to be considered for employment. Any less than 15, you are welcome to volunteer your time with us(you still need to fill this out). We are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Columbus Day(Monday), Halloween Eve, Halloween and some Thursdays(the schedule will be posted soon on our website, We open the doors at 7pm, some nights we can be there past midnight, we ask that you arrive at least an hour before we open for make up/costume application. This is a paid position if you qualify, YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. Volunteers are eligible to be moved up to a paid position at our discretion. Review the calendar for October 2018 and let us know if you think you can work 15 nights or more? *
We offer 2 events on site - the haunted mansion and the haunted corn trail - we ask you to check your preference(one or both). Also, if you do make up(horror make up) and your good at, you can check the box for make up as well. *
Tell us a little about yourself and any experience you may have or maybe Halloween is just your favorite holiday and why? You do not need any experience to be considered for employment! (a couple of sentences is fine) *
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This section is for important information we made need to know about you and will be kept under the strictest confidence by our management. We would like to make sure you know we use strobe lights, fog machines, make up, even different costume materials, and flame retardants, etc. This is strictly for your own good in case of an emergency that we ask if you have any such medical issues(allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, blood diseases, mental disorders, heart disease, etc). You do not need to answer this and it is not meant to offend anyone and will not be used in consideration for employment, we are an equal opportunity employer, anyone can scare.
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Are you a paramedic?(not used in consideration for employment, but good to know)
Are you certified for CPR?(not used in consideration for employment, but good to know)
Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?(not used in consideration for employment, but good to know) If you want to give us a link how to find you or just look us up(see photo above to find us).
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