Animal Behaviour Collective - Mentorship Programme 2021
Hello! We are the Animal Behaviour Collective, a collective of animal behaviour researchers organising microgrants and mentorship for undergraduate & graduate students in animal behaviour. To match mentees with mentors, both fill out forms that ask questions about your availability, your area of interest, and what you’re looking to get out of this mentorship. As a mentor, you are specifically asked what career stages you feel comfortable mentoring, which countries you have worked in in case mentees have questions around a particular academic system, and whether you are of a historically marginalised group and could speak to that experience with a mentee of the same group.

You are only required to complete Name, Email, Affiliation on the form; all of the other sections are optional. But if you provide more information we will be better able to match you with a mentee. We will use the information on your form to match you with a mentee, according to what both of you are looking for in a mentorship. When we match you, we will contact you first to confirm whether you are able to accept the prospective mentee. If you accept, then both you and your mentee will need to go through our Code of Conduct (here: and agree to it. Once both of you have agreed to the Code of Conduct, we will put you and your mentee in contact, and from there you can arrange your communications to fit both of your requirements. After the first month we will send both mentor and mentee feedback forms, just to check in how things are going. We will also check-in at the end. This is part of our Safeguarding Policy. If either mentor or mentee have concerns or complaints, please contact us immediately at We are working to make this a safe and positive experience for everyone involved!
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Some mentees from historically excluded groups might request to be matched with mentors who share these experiences. If you would like to be matched with such a mentee, please tell us a bit about how you identify. For example, if you are a first generation researcher.
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Notes for the organisers
Terms & Conditions: The responses on this form will be used to link mentors and mentees to each other. Summary statistics of all users might be used on the @ABCmicrogrants twitter account to promote the work of the Collective. The Animal Behaviour Collective will not use the responses for any other purposes. If you would like your response to be removed at any time then please contact us at and we will do so. View full Terms & Conditions here: *
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