Founding an 'Ella Baker school of transformative organising'
As a group of educators and organisers (with experience in both community and trade union organising) we have come together to found the Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising.
Why Ella Baker?
Because she was an inspirational figure for over half a century in the African American freedom movement, and she is almost totally absent from the history of organising (while Saul Alinksy is often presented as 'the godfather of organising').
Why a school?
Because we all have to learn somewhere
Why 'transformative organising'?
Because we want to distinguish our strategy from those approaches that merely aim to get existing supporters to 'shout a bit louder'. We want to use organising not just to transform power relationships in our communities, but also to transform people themselves (their values, their behaviour, even their hopes and aspirations) as they realise what can be achieved when we work together, often across artificial divisions of gender, ethnicity, faith and class.

Our early objectives are to
a) reacquaint organising with politics (and politics with organising),
b) develop imaginative training materials for industrial or community organising based on examples of struggle in the UK (and then open source them),
c) create a network of trained trainers to deliver this training.
We hope in this way to 'give light' in the firm belief that 'the people will find a way'.

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We are running a series of three day weekend 'retreats' where we explore 'next steps' for the school and the 'roots of organising in UK working class history'. There is a sliding scale for the cost of the three days (arriving in time for a meal on Friday evening, and departing after lunch on Sunday). If you can reclaim the cost from your employer, then the price is £100, if you are in work then we would ask you to pay £50, if you are unwaged, or on low wages, we will pay for you (and may be able to help with travel costs). All food and accommodation is covered in the cost. Please indicate if you would be interested in attending a future event?
We would be interested in organising regional meetings to bring supporters together. If you are able to help convene a meeting in your town or city and get interested people along, please indicate below
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