Education Officer
We are looking for a highly motivated person to come to Peru who can develop our training.
We provide education:

- to schools in the area around our installations
- to communities receiving the turbines
- to volunteers that come from all over the world as part of their academic qualifications
- to Peruvian technicians in community test centers (future requirement)

We need assistance with developing all of these educational elements.

In particular, we are looking to have our volunteer package recognized as an accredited course by international academic institutions. You will explore the accreditation requirements in the US and UK initially, then internationally. Working closely with the Board Education Officer, workshop and field engineers, you will create a course program that meets those requirements to attract volunteers and ensure their hard work counts as a credit in their college course.
Principal goals will be that WindAid’s volunteer program is an accredited course and is a well rounded educational experience, and community test center technician training is thorough, practical and consistent.

Dates: The position is available from January 2018 with a twelve month commitment.
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