Mobile Shopping Experience Survey
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!
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4. Do you prefer to buy consumer goods and services from local brands or from locally owned businesses in your area? *
5. What local product(s) do you wish could be purchased on your mobile device? *
6. What service(s) do you wish could be purchased on your mobile device? *
7. Would you download an app which provided instant access to purchasing products and services in your local area? *
8. Does it interest you to have an app that allows you to follow, like, share or purchase local goods and fixed services in your area at your convenance? *
9. Would you ask your favorite local business or brand to be present on an app which gives the option to purchase anytime? *
10. Which type of mobile device do you have? *
11. For you to to download a shopping app, what are some features or abilities it must have? *
12. Please provide the name of a local business you would like to see as a merchant on our Shoppers App?
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