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CHASER SPECIFIC FOR REST OF APP!! How long have you chased for?
Who do you stream with?
How often to you try and chase?
What is your chasing style? Tell us how you approach your chase?
What is the most important thing to you when chasing?
Where is your favorite place to chase?
What is the your least favorite thing about chasing?
Tell us how you prepare for a chase?
What emergency training do you have? Can you provide certificates? Certs? First Aid? S&R?
Alot of our team uses our SVLMedia to help sell their video/media. Is this something that would interest you?
Do you utilize any other brokering companies like Live Storms Media/KDR etc? *
StormViewLIVE is all about keeping the drama out. There will be no bad mouthing each other/other teams in any of our pages/channels etc. Please initial that you understand. Comment if you want as well. *
All information inside StormViewLIVE's walls are to remain inside. If you are found to release any information of any kind to anyone other than another SVL member you will be removed from the team. Please initial that you understand. *
We will do a small interview with our decision panel and if approved you will be placed on a 90 day probationary period. Please initial that you understand. *
We have numerous partnerships and sponsorships, some requiring our team to be apart of and promote. Please initial that you understand and will follow this. *
Anything else you want to tell us about you?
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