Questionnaire for Overseas Applicants
How to complete this form
If you wish to apply to the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong, please complete the following form. Please check your spelling and grammar, and answer in full sentences, where necessary. You will need to complete the form in a single session. Please allow around 20-30 minutes to complete the form. Also be attentive to things like proper capitalisation and punctuation. We will presume that you are not a suitable candidate if your answers are very incomplete and not well thought out.
Please read these details before completing the form:
Your details
Your Full Name *
Your Christian Name *
Your Family Name *
Email address *
Address *
Please provide your full street address
Country of Birth
What 3 words address reference *
Visit the website to find the exact address of your house. This is helpful if your house is not defined by an exact address in your country. Alternatively, provide the Google Maps geo-code of your address. For example, the address of my office is:; the Maps address is:
Phone number
Date of Birth *
Priesthood in Wollongong Diocese
Why do you wish to be a priest in the Diocese of Wollongong? *
What are five words that come to mind from your research when you think about the Diocese of Wollongong? *
What would be the best thing about being a priest in Australia? *
What would be the worst thing about being a priest in Australia? *
Why do you want to be a priest in Australia, rather than your own country? *
Visa Requirements for Australia
Do you have any formal tertiary qualifications in Philosophy, Theology or Pastoral Work? *
If you do not have any qualifications (previous question), describe how you fulfil the requirement that you have completed the equivalent of twelve months (12 months) full-time relevant experience. *
Describe what you see as the cultural challenge of ministering in Australia. *
Australia is almost exclusively an English-speaking country. Describe your understanding and experience of communicating in English. *
Describe an experience of public speaking or leading a service in English. *
Visa and Passport
Are you able to pay for your Visa and visit to Australia? *
Are you free of financial debt? *
Do you have a passport? *
Passport Country of Issue
Passport Number
Passport Date of Expiry
Do you understand that during your initial stay in Australia, the Diocese will accept no responsibility for your living or repatriation expenses nor will it guarantee that you will be accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese? *
Medical Clearance
Provide a letter from a Medical Doctor that you are healthy and free of any terminal or debilitating diseases or conditions. Applicants will be re-examined in Wollongong by a local doctor, local dentist, and will also undergo psychological evaluation. *
Other Information
Describe a situation where you have worked or collaborated with women, especially where women played a significant role in leadership. *
What do you think of the requirement of celibacy or perfect continence for yourself and the Priesthood of the Latin Rite? *
Describe your knowledge of Wollongong, NSW and Australia, the land and their people. *
Have you ever studied for Ordination or Religious Life before? *
Have you ever made contact with another Australian Diocese? *
If yes to either question, please indicate where and when, and provide the names of the then and current Superiors / Rectors / Directors.
Recommendations from Parish Priest and Bishop
Provide the name of your local parish, Parish Priest, his contact details. *
Include a contact email address.
What involvement have you had in your parish? *
Provide the name of your local diocese, your Bishop & his contact details. *
Include a contact email address.
My Bishop or Superior will provide a letter of recommendation for me. This letter will describe why I am not able to study for the priesthood in my own country. *
I declare that all the answers that I have provided above is – to the best of my knowledge and understanding – accurate and true. *
Thank you!
Your answers to the above questions will assist the Bishop of Wollongong to determine whether he will invite you to Australia for further evaluation as a potential candidate for the Priesthood for the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong.
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