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Accessible Online security track is a program developed under Mozilla Open Leaders X for training and mentorship of participants towards ensuring their data is kept safe as they access the internet. Our main areas of focus are Cybersecurity, Information Security, Tech Policy and Open by design. Our 14 week program has been designed to enable participants to not only understand Open by design, but also design their projects for participation and inclusion using resources from previous Mozilla Open Leaders Cohorts and mentors program.
Information Security - Participants will be sensitized as to what Information Security entails and how it impacts their lives.
Secure Online Communications - Participants will learn how they can improve the security of their online communications by using VPNs, end to end encryption(emails and messaging apps), using strong and different passwords etc.
Information Privacy and Data Protection Laws such as the GDPR and Kenya’s Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act of 2018.
Internet & Data Governance and how they can get involved in shaping Internet Policy regulations.
Healthy AI and how to achieve it.
Web Literacy


- Participants will get an opportunity to network with coaches /mentors on these topics/issues.
- They will also have Open Projects on Online Security that Champion for Internet Health, and together we will work hand in hand to have a positive impact on our society.
- Participants will be the new voices of Openness and Digital Safety in Kenya.

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