«Study Expert Online» is a is a comprehensive resource platform on higher education in Russia for prospective and current international students providing single point access to students, recruiters and universities about educational opportunities. We represent leading universities of Russia and aimed at increasing the number foreign students to choose Russia as destination for higher education.

Recruiting Partners :
«Study Expert Online» is expanding its network and Exploring New markets, we are keen to establish working relationships with individuals and Companies with strong entrepreneurship skills and come from Education Training and Service industry background.

Russia offers high quality education with affordable tuition fees in Russian and English language. There are more than 500 universities in 80 cities providing education in 205 fields from mathematics and natural sciences to the dramatic arts for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialist and Postgraduate Programmes, internships and assistantships. Russian degree is valid all over the world. Russia is recognized as a world leader in training mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians, and specialists in other natural sciences. It is also one of the leaders in Internet and telecommunications, computer sciences, financial services, space engineering and other innovative industries.

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