Smiley Paces Race report form
Please let us know about any race you have done so that we can celebrate and share your achievements. Please note that anything you write on this form may be used by Smiley Paces on their website, Facebook page or at the Awards Evening.
Your name
The name of the race
The date of the race
Location of the race (especially if its not obvious from the name!)
Type of race (eg. Road / Fell / Trail / flat, hilly, etc...)
Please use the question below to provide anything you want to share with the group - your finishing time, whether it was a PB, if you won a prize, etc....
How did you get on?
Please use the question below to provide any information about the race - Whether it was well organised, if you would recommend it to others, what type of course it was, what was in the goody-bag, etc....
Tell us about the race
Is there any advice you'd give to others or something you have learned from this race?
Please provide the race website address if known
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