Mobile GoPass Approval Request
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Only use your mobile phone when it is safe and lawful to do so
Please be aware that every time you unlock a door from your Mobile Device it is is logged against your unit in the database. Only unlock doors while at the door or if a known guest is at the door. The doors will unlock from anywhere you have a mobile connection and will be logged.

A guest MUST not allow anyone unauthorized into the building; It is your responsibility to ensure your guest is aware
that only they are to enter.

*One subscription per device - a subscription cannot be used across multiples devices. 25$ + GST/ Year

*The app requires an active internet or data connection on your mobile phone and the onsite internet to be active

*The activation email MUST be opened on the device you want to use the Mobile Go Pass on

NEW - You wish to subscribe for the Go Pass service (you do not currently have a subscription or want an additional Go Pass for another device)

REACTIVATION - You are currently subscribed to the Go Pass service, but have reformatted your device, or bought a new device and wish to transfer your subscription.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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