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TINA is a publication made with The Showroom and Chateau International and is edited by Navine G. Khan-Dossos and Rob Faure Walker. It is a book that brings together documentation of Khan-Dossos’ exhibition at the Showroom in 2019 'There Is No Alternative', some of the archive materials and public commentaries present in that exhibition, as well as new essays thinking about the future of Prevent. The book has been in process since late 2019 following a similar timeframe as the government's own Independent Review of Prevent.

Over the next two months, we invite you to read the PDF of TINA, and let us know your thoughts and comments, ahead of the book being printed later this year. This ‘Reflexive Editorial’ is a way for us to share the process and ideas, and for you as a stakeholder to let us know what you think. We hope to be able to include these comments in some way as part of the final book. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we hope it helps you feel part of this important moment as we wait to hear the findings of the Independent Review.

This Reflexive Editorial process is open from 1st April - 30th May 2021

Navine G. Khan-Dossos
April, 2020

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Page by Page - if you have specific comments on any page that you would like to share with us and would be happy for us to include in the final book, please share those here (with page numbers)
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Here are a few questions for you to consider if you want to be more specific about your feedback
What are your first impressions of TINA?
Is the layout of TINA easy for you to read?
Do you recognise any personal experiences or the experience of others in TINA? If so, feel free to describe these.
Who would you like to share TINA with? Can you think of any groups or individuals who would find this book interesting and/or valuable?
What is your reading experience TINA? Is it linear or more dipping in and out of the texts and images?
How legible do you find the Archive section? It contains a lot of layers of information, so we are keen to know what your experience of this is.
Do the images give you a sense of the exhibition 'There Is No Alternative'?
Did you visit 'There Is No Alternative' at The Showroom in 2019, or take part in any of the workshops during that time? If so, let us know.
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If you did visit 'There Is No Alternative' at The Showroom in 2019, or take part in any of the workshops during that time, let us know what you think of the relationship between the original project and this book?
Does TINA give you a sense of the concerns and critical voices around the issue of the Prevent Strategy?
This book has been compiled during the Covid-19 pandemic and many things have changed during that time. Do you feel TINA takes into account and represents some of the issues or realities you may have experienced or are concerned about relating to Prevent?
Do you think TINA is a biased reading of Prevent or do you feel it is an even-handed exploration of the subject?
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