Sea Level Rise in Hawaiʻi
We don't have to look far to see the impacts of sea level rise. Throughout Hawaiʻi's shorelines, the impacts are already visible. Scientists predict an increase anywhere from 1 foot to 6 feet by the end of the century.

In this activity, you will analyze sea level data from two locations around Hawaiʻi and look at another location that is being greatly impacted, Florida.
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Sea Level Rise Data- Honolulu
The city of Honolulu on Oʻahu is expected to be highly impacted by sea level rise. Visit the following link and explore the different current and future scenarios.

Honolulu Sea Level Rise Simulation:

1 Meter = 3.2 feet
Compare the Hurricane Storm Surge Inundation for current sea level vs. one meter sea level rise. What observation can you make when comparing these scenarios? *
2 points
 What observation is true when looking at the 1 M Sea Level Rise Inundation. *
2 points
Sea Level Rise Data- Maui
The island of Maui is expected to also be impacted by sea level rise, with some regions already feeling the impact. Visit the following link and explore how different predictions will impact Maui's coastal communities.

Sea Level Rise Viewer:

At 3.2 feet increase in sea level, you can see the majority of Maui's coastline being impacted. Which TWO statements below describe the areas most significantly impacted? *
2 points
One low lying area that will be impacted on Maui is the Pali road to Lāhaina. Zoom into the Olowalu coastline and select "Flooded Highways 1.1 ft." What observation can you make about this scenario? *
1 point
With sea level rise, the economical loss can be detrimental. Compare the "Potential Economic Loss" of Lāhaina and Honolulu for a 3.2 ft scenario and select the correct answer below which best describes the damage in each area. *
2 points
Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies
Use the descriptions of the 4 strategies below to answer the following questions about adapting to sea level rise.
Dune Restoration at Kamaʻole I Beach Park
The photo above of sand dune restoration is an example of which kind of sea level rise adaptation? *
1 point
How is restoring sand dunes and vegetation an example of adaptation? *
Hint: what do they prevent along the shoreline
2 points
House on stilts
The photo above of the house is an example of which kind of sea level rise adaptation? *
1 point
Seawalls and sand bags in Kahana, Maui
The photo above of seawalls and sang bags is an example of which kind of sea level rise adaptation? *
1 point
Moving the "pali" road on Maui
Moving the "pali" road inland would be an example of what kind of sea level rise adaptation? *
1 point
What is one potential limitation or disadvantage of one of the adaptation strategy examples above? *
Choose one of the four examples above and explain one potential disadvantage of that strategy.
2 points
Sea Level Rise Viewer Maps of 3.2ft of sea level rise & economic impact in Waikīkī
With 3.2ft of sea level rise, which areas of Waikīkī experience the highest economic loss? *
1 point
Which TWO areas experience a lot of flooding but less economic loss? *
2 points
Explain why you think certain areas result in more economic loss than others even with a similar amount of flooding/damage? *
hint: what are the differences between the areas in your two answers above in terms of what would be lost and what rebuilding/adapting might involve
2 points
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