LGBTQ equality in a challenging context: Rasan Organization's work in Iraq
Important! For security reasons registration is needed by Monday 11 September 12:00h. for those who do not have a badge allowing them to enter the Commission buildings. You will need to be at the door by 12:15 in order to go through the security measures. In case you have a badge to enter the building feel free to make directly to the room.

The seminar is taking place on Wednesday, 13 September from 12:30 to 13:30 at DG EAC Rue Joseph II 70, 1000 Bruxelles. Room J-70 00/13

Ayaz Shalal Hassan, LGBT+ rights activist for Rasan Organization, Suleimaniyah, Iraq, is happy to give you a presentation on the situation for LGBT+ persons in Iraq. The presentation will cover how LGBT+ persons see themselves and what they need and lack, how they are viewed in their communities and how social norms, religious beliefs and traditions influence their lives. It will also cover the Iraqi government’s attitude to LGBT+ issues and the jurisdiction related to the matter. Finally, Ayaz will talk about how Iraqi human rights activists work to improve the conditions of Iraqi LGBT+ persons, and about the challenges that they face.

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